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<div class="IPBDescription">Rmb menu</div>Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I can't find it.

The manual doesn't mention the RMB menu system at all. Is that a deliberate omission ? I like the style of the manual a lot and I guess going on about in-game menus would detract from it, but otherwise it might take new people a while to catch on it even exists, never mind how to use it.

Or is there tool tips that explain it ?


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    hmm, good point

    I am actualy hopping that there will be a read me shiped with the game, containing more technical stuff minus all of the flav text (though I love the flav text in the manual)

    however there are also going to be lots of ingame tool tips from what I understand, though I am not sure
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    The manual is very good. Much better then reams of boring information. Its presented in the context of the NS universe, from the TSA's point of view, immediatly plunging you into the NS atmosphere. Well, it did it for me anyways
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    Also, I don't know if anyones noticed (and I must admit my brother Aldaris mentioned it to me) but the manuals presentation makes it very easy to add stuff (i.e. features of new versions) by way of new technologies/discoveries.
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    I think the problem was that, like you said Phoenix, the manual is written from the TSA point of view, so it could be hard to explain the RMB menu, unless the armour had a neural jack or something. It should definetly be in the readme file tho, cos thats obviously from a gamer's point of view.

    What it actually does is easy to work out if you use your brain. I know the marines can request stuff from the commander from there and drop weapons. This is speculation but I'd assume thats where aliens choose their upgrades and evolutions.
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