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Nice admins, nice prizes, nice pings. will be running a league soon, we are all from the UK and have a nice fast server ready to run a smallish league.

We have some nice prizes supplied very nicely from VALVe themselves in exchange for "Something British" wink.gif

It will be a 6v6 league running for six weeks (plus 1 for the winners of each group). If all goes well we will run another season soon after.

Hope some people are interested

(If we get enough submissions from American clans we will put them all in one group so there isn't any problems about ping differences - obviously we can't do that when it comes to the winners groups though wink.gif ).

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them, please check the rules and information thread on our league forums first though please, to save me and yourself some time

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Sign up direct link smile.gif
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