Heads Up. Twl Is Going To Restart Their Ns Ladder.

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You heard what I said. I'm not sure if rules and such have been posted, but here's a link for you. http://www.teamwarfare.com
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    1337 sauce, used to play in TWL for MOH:AA. Sounds like its gonna be fun.
  • SoLiD_ImpactSoLiD_Impact Members Join Date: 2004-07-12 Member: 29868Posts: 1
    Hello everyone...

    just wanted everyone to know that we have NS teams in Karachi, Pakistan aswell but due to slow internet we are not able to play online or participate in leagues.

    so we just play on LAN and enjoy NS.

    i must say i made a "good" mistake by installing NS at my LAN Center everyone loves it and no one plays CS anymore.

    GO! NS GO!

    waiting for beta 5 on 23rd July...
    and hope to hear some news about NS MOD for Halflife-2

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