Team-kb Natural Selection Euro League

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Team-KB have been around a for a bit now, some of you may know us some of you may have been banned by us. But this is all changing now Team-KB have grown up and spread out more Members have come and gone and we starting to get our act together.

Thats were we come to what we will be starting up soon the Team-KB Natural Selection Euro League KBNSEL. We will be starting it off with a 32 clan ladder cup match all rules will be posted on the KBNSEL web soon we just making some final adjustments to the settings.

Main things that are required to enter KBNSEL

Clan Website
IRC Channel
Valid Steam-Ids
Email Address
6 Playing Clan Members

I will edit this post with more info as i get it but for now if your want to get clans formed and visit our Forum post your comments and suggestions thats fine.

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