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    i was got locked into a vent from both ends cos rines welded both ends... i gorged and made it so that any aliens walking past would become healed very quickly... when the aliens lost (cos they didnt have me! *cough*)i relised that i had made myself a little base, with dc,mc, and sc... i told my team to f4 and wait for 3 mins exacly until i f4.... marines didnt know where i was (mainly cos of sc's and silence from mc's)

    i f4ed after a short while to stop myself from laming all game long... but dam it was funny when onos could do anything down my hallway... biggrin.gif #

    (btw i forget the map lol... maybe custom 1???)
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    I hope this does not defeat the object of this post, but it actually happened with our whole rine team on one skulk, but it was funny anyways:
    After a long game where we base-moved to double, we pwned the aliens but one had built a chill area on the rine start landing pad res, and had spammed 8 dc's there. We all had jetpacks and shotties, but we were too lazy to take down the dc's instead of finding the skulk, who had attached himself to the wall under the ramp. So we get all l33t and comm scans, and all 7 rines walk off the pad, thinking we could fly with our jetpacks at him and put him down. But (not a bug I think) as soon as we fell a little down and hit space to fly, we carried on falling, bringing up 7 trigger_hurt suicides in the console (*chuckle*).

    Then some [email protected]@s got lucky and got a nick on him...
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    yeah,you gotta be jetpacking before you start falling
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    Funniest thing for me was on errr ns_nothing I think

    Fade, blinking down from gen, away from 2 ha, turn left, aaaagh another 4 ha!!!

    Turn around neoooom blink awayyy! not paying attention blink straight into another lone HA rambo, luckily blinked into the back of him, blinked up in the air and managed to blink onto his other side, where he shot me with his sg sad.gif
  • DJ_NiemsDJ_Niems Members Join Date: 2004-04-29 Member: 28312Posts: 31
    ns_hera (again):
    Ok just remembered this one...
    We were aliens and we all gave the rines a run for their res. They based moved several times, and they then moved down to the rine start landing pad res, and had reinforced the area with lots of sentries. They all parked on top of the boxes there, and any attampt to each them was suicide. Then some1 on our team suggested that we all go onos, and sure enough, we had about 5 - 6 of them. Then we waited outside, and took turns making our way down the ramp, slowly taking sentry for sentry. When everything was gone, It was just the rines on the boxes, who thought they were l33t and stood out of harms way. Then were descoved that devour could snag them through the boxes a bit, so we all stormed down there and everyone ate a marine. Then to end it off, we all jumped off the pad to our merry deaths, ending up with everyone dead!
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    Nice old thread tbh
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    AHAHAHA I can just imagine all of the Onoses devouring all of the marines then jumping into the pit, dieing, freeing the marine, then he dies too.
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    once on ns_origin, all the aliens agreed to lgo to the large vent lump thing next to marine start, and make an after hive room. Anyway, we used yhis tactic, 2 gfames previously, so the comm hjust rushed our hive with shotguns, not even buildinga an ip. Anyway, in our secret base place, the dcs were keeping us alive form teh ping o' doom.

    About 3 minutes later, a skulk said that the comm still hadn't built an ip, so we all went skulk and rushed his base, killing stuff, then coming back to the wall nearest the room to heal.

    about 20 seconds later a steady trickle of single marines came throught the door, 1 after another, about 15 seconds apart, wheron they were all promptly dev oured by a pack of skulks.,

    And so it was on that fateful day, that the aliens team won with no hives.
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    co_(something, i cant remember)

    i had entered the game late and so i was just a lowly skulk when the rines had lvl 7-10.

    i just got out of the hive room and ran behind some shelves to avoid fire b/c the rines right in the room.

    after i finish cloaking, a HA-HMG comes in my little hiding place. i figure: what the heck, im not going to kill anything anyways" (me being lvl 3 at the time)

    so i focus bite him once and he starts firing. i run up a wall around him and then bite him again. (all the while hes still firing) and then i run up the shelf and then plop down and bite him for the kill.

    LOL, a skulk killing a HA-HMG? he only had to keep on me for a second and i would've been toast.

    shortly after we lost the game because of all the rines outside the hiveroom before i killed the HA.
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