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It's a pretty simple battlecruiser from StarCraft. It's based off the ingame bc, not the ones in the cinematics.
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    Sort of hard to see, could we have a different view, like from the top?
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    I'd love to see that in the Hera Holoroom.
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    Thats pretty good. Now make it driveable by the marines biggrin.gif
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    Very good. Now replace CC with that. And dont forget ATA and ATS laser-cannons or Yamato Cannon.

    CC spamming, here we come biggrin.gif
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    You could make a map on that....
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    QUOTE (Verthandi @ May 10 2004, 12:08 AM)
    I'd love to see that in the Hera Holoroom.

    Word word word.
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    QUOTE (Omegaman! @ May 12 2004, 06:12 AM)

    Aquanox's vehicle designs pwn Starcraft's ANY DAY. tounge.gif

    Sorry but... The Starcraft Battlecruiser looks way better...

    And nice model! Would like to see it textured... smile.gif
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    Very nice! What is the polycount on that lurvly model?
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    QUOTE (Omegaman! @ May 11 2004, 11:12 PM)

    Aquanox's vehicle designs pwn Starcraft's ANY DAY. tounge.gif



    Anyways, I too would like to see this thing hovering the holoroom.
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    Yea, this would make a sweet prop, perhaps as an easter egg though since it wouldn't really fit into the normal level.
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    sry, i dont wanna small ur work, but this looks just like an accident between an x-wing and a corellian korvette...

    just my opinion
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