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    With my philosophy your mines are just meant to deter the smaller scuttlers from rampaging through the vent system to the hive - the easiest way in and impossible for marines to guard.

    If you're a corridor away and parked in a small outpost, easily defended, and with the *capacity* to build sieges, then you can spot anyone sneaking in, you're not phasing into an ambush, and you've also got a front line foxhole to stop the aliens taking serious advantage.

    You can phase marines to there from spawn, drop a siege, and simply piledrive your way forward - something impossible to do IN a hive, especially with aliens pouring in from all sides. If you train in from an outside location you not only have a safe line of retreat, but you also set up a mobile chokepoint for snuffing out the alien attack. If you're in a hive, you're surrounded with no escape. If you're approaching a hive then you've a supply line doubling as a line of retreat, and the aliens will either have to go around the hive and your train (leaving the hive open) or charge through the one corridor leading to your marines - making them so much cheap rfk that its not funny.

    Its true that 3 turrets won't stop a concerted alien attack...... but at the same time neither will 42 turrets. If they want the hive they'll keep attacking. Mines are cheaper and can't be considered "wasteful". This leads onto my next point - its so much more cost efficient to lockdown a good spot near a hive than it is to be IN one. You're saving money... which you can pass directly onto the troops. More meds, more cats, more guns, more HA. This goes right into pressuring the remaining hives, which also then forces the aliens to attack your men - they simply will NOT be able to spare Onos/Fades for raiding the locked hive... and since they can only send skulks, your mines will make short work of them.

    This also means their most dangerous units are right at your front line, not lying in ambush. This makes them easy to counter, as compared to slogging through a surprise fade ambush. On the alien side, they will be in blind panic, wasting res left right and centre as you are training into their hives.

    Don't lose the momentum - mine the hive, go to the next hive, mine it, go to the next one. If you do it in order fairly quickly then they either have to go THROUGH you to another hive, or go AROUND. Either way runs the risk of hitting your train or a minibase... and since you're not stopping for lunch the chances are that your train will be finished its job and ready to blitz a half built hive. I've been in games where aliens have had a huge res advantage and spent 10 minutes rebuilding hive after hive. IT DIDNT WORK. Each hive was knocked down by the same train, who simply piledrived through our defences with meds and gl spam. Once the hive was down, they kept going to the next hive. It was impossible to counter, and the train was easily replenished at the PG minibases outside the hives - somewhere we couldn't touch because we had to devote our time to BUILDING the hives. We couldn't afford to leave the hive to scour the surroundings because the HA train simply never stopped.
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    I agree on that all exept biodome.

    like I stated before.. GEt a massive farm up in bio and they never get it back
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    <!--quoteo(post=1057046:date=May 7 2004, 12:07 AM:name=ChkChkChk)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ChkChkChk @ May 7 2004, 12:07 AM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1057046"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->uh. 35 res for elec node armory phase gate 1x pack of mines and a "hiden" tf?
    WTH are you talking about?<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    Dude, get in the game -- He's talking about how that one time, when penguins came, and that thing happened... ya know... with the mynabird... And how afterwards we all felt like taking a nap...

    Gosh I love bumping 4 year old posts!
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