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United Kingdom Natural Selection League
Hello to all you clans our there.

I come from the UKNSL, as many of you will know. We are currently set on launching this league in approximatly 2 weeks (A saturday night).

However recently we have noticed a few clans fold, so i come to you begging to join basically.

Where do i need come from to play?
Currently we are only operating in the European Countries. However next season i am hoping to span another league, accross to the american side of the Natural Selection spectrum.

What do i need?
Just a team basically, and to be able to play a match once a week. As we understand the people playing Natural Selection are both young and old, we ask you to only play one match a week, to stop hold-ups on playing games. You do not need a server as we have 3 fully sponsered servers of our own, which the league games are to be played on. This stops arguments mid-games between clans which have ping differences.

Is there a website
This is something which we have recently had problems with. Therefore we are having to quickly throw together a new database and website code, for the league to work. (uh-hosting broke their asp server so we lost everything sad.gif when we were almost ready to run!! )

Ok, How can i apply?
To apply, you need to come to #UKNSL on Quakenet and talk to one of the Ops. I am the current owner of the UKNSL, Rapacious and Kayos are current Co-heads. Rapacious and myself are sorting out the divisions currently, so if you come and speak to one of us, if you feel like joining, we will get you sorted out smile.gif

And Finally, Is there any prizes?
Yes! The winners of the Premier Division, will win ONE of the UKNSL Servers* for a season of the UKNSL, this will be approximately 3 months. (In total the server will be worth 100 pound a month). And we are currently obtaining prices for the other divisions, however if we do not find products suitable, A Server will go to the clan which win each division.

I Hope you fully understand the UKNSL. We are known to be a good league. We have had our mis-haps in the past, however we think these have been sold. So Come join us, have some fun, and play with some of the best teams in the EU.

Many thanks
UKNSL Head Adminstration and Owner [ United Kingdom Natural Selection League].
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    UKSN > Life


    The league is run by experiened admins (myself included) and is well organised - definately worth signing up to
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    the rookie formally known as shanks
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