Lava Jewel

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"Abstract" PhotoShop Stuff
Everything here was purely from scratch and photoshop effects. I know it sucks but...C&C, please. nerd.gif


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    Like hell that sucks. It's sweet! I'm *Saving* it to my "My Pictures" folder to immortalize on my screen saver.
    I see custom titles. <_< >_>

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    I very much like that lava style effect/ coloring. Maybe if you made a blue version you could make an ice jewel, that would be cool.

    actually try recolor that in: blue (water), green (vegitation), and yellow (thunder?)

    tile them up and you could make a nice desktop image wink.gif
    user posted image
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    Very cool biggrin.gif
    Make more o.o
    IPB Image
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    I like everything but the White. ~_^
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