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First off, hello to anyone who might have a chance of remembering me.

I just reinstalled NS and I am loving it. I am really itching to get back into clan play. Does anyone know of clan database or something? Whats all the rage for clans in NS now adays. I am probably in the "Low" Skill division now, no where near where I was. Any help would be greatly appreiciated. I would be happy just watching mid level clans and maybe getting in on their practice or something.

I go by the alias "Old one eye" now, if anyone wants to say hi on a server.

And sorry if I posted this in the completely wrong forum. I am pretty incoherent right now, and this looked like the right spot.

Oh and if anyone from sYn or ReD reads this, Wassup! biggrin.gif
Current alias:
None. I think I finally retired?

Past alias:
[ReD]Fade, [ESR]Medkit, Lycanthrope, /WD/[slick], [DFA]Guardian, Screaming Willy


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