[nsa]rumble In The Jungle! Combat!

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A Combat Competition
General Competition Information:
Competition Name: [NSA]Rumble in the Jungle Combat Competiton
About: The [NSA]Rumble in the Jungle is a NS 3.0 beta 4 Combat competiton. The [NSA] Rumble in the Jungle is an 80 man combat compeition aimed to bring out the expirenced, and how to have fun on NSA. 1 grandprize winner, and 3 runner-ups will be chosen based on most kills. Prizes will be released. Stats will be taken on both servers. Maps include:: Co_Faceoff, and co_angst
REQUIREMENTS: NSA requires a $3.00 Dollar Donation to participate in this competition (3 Bucks for a CD burner...)
Rules: No cheating, harrasing or any violations of our server rules found on "Server Stats" page on the website. Violation of these rules will result in: Permenant bans, and our right not to refund your "Competition Entry"
Entry Fee: $3.00
Player Limit (per timeslot): 84
Created By: [NSA]BigBull
Created On: 04/14/2004
Schedule Information:
*Note* All times in US Eastern timezone and all dates in Month/Day/Year format.
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Day One: Rumble #1
About Day One: Day one will consist of the first and only round for participants signed up for day one.
Servers: #1 NSArmslab.com NS Com/Normal v3.0b3
#2 NSArmslab.com | Training Facility :: VUGaming.com
Date of Day One: 4/30/04
Time: 9:00 PM

Day Two: Rumble #2
About Day Two: Day 2 final days of signups.
Date of Day Two: 5/1/04
Time: 9:00 PM
Competition Prizes:
Prizes: Prizes: 1st Place: 52x CD Rewrite (CD BURNER)
2nd Place: 1 month reserved slot & 100 MB of Webspace.
3rd Place: 1 month reserved slot & Nsarmslab.com Email
4th Place: 2 week Reserved Slot
Note* 1st place includes CD burner & res slot

Competition Headquarters
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