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Enlighten me
This is like the second or third time I've done this, but I'm only now considering about the dangerous this might be.

A simple task asked by my dad: Clean the bathtub.

Now, I'm supposed to use gloves (optional) and a a discarded rag, in this case, a sock, dabbed with wee bit of drain cleaner.

Well. my dad's been cleaning tubs for a while with this stuff, but upon looking at the bottle label, there are some things that just don't suit well with me.

The stuff is obviously corrosive as heck, and they make it known that the vapours themselves are dangerous. Of course I'm not trying to get high on this stuff, but the smell is very distinct and inescapable, and looking at some information on it so far on websites, they recommend that if you use it, you should wear goggles.

I also see no information whatsoever that it is okay to combine a bit of drain cleaner with a wet rag for use for in cleaning, (upon drain cleaner contact with the sock, I noted that much of it was converted to a muck of lint)

Maybe I'm just a wuss and should go back to using wimpy stuff like Pinesol, but does anyone actually use drain cleaner like this?
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    I use drain cleaner....

    to clean drains.

    look, you can use It, I would sugest ussing pinesol my self (or what ever you prefer).

    and the only thing to be carful about is make sure you got a cross breeze going (so that you are not in a small enclosed room with fumes, this is just the basic rule)

    personaly, I say basic cleaner (pinesol/whatever) + Bleach, this will clean and disenfect anytihng. Just don't use amonia and bleach smile.gif (as that will kill you by creating chlorine gass)
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    dude, go buy some softscrub. it's made specifically for cleaning tubs and stuff. it has very very mild scrubbins or whatever it is.... that will get the grime out.

    you can also try comet.

    just don't use that drain cleaner, man!

    that's frickin dangerous :\
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    nah, the drain cleaner wont hurt ya, just dont drink too much of, it, it goes down harder than beer
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    Why does he use drain cleaner to clean a bath tub? My best guess would be because it is likely to be very powerful since it's "as corrosive as hell". You could either take the smart approach and ask your dad about it or take the BigMadSteve approach and keep using it till it doesn't bother you anymore.

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    The baking soda combos mixed with salt, vinegar, or tartar cream will work for slight clogged. If the clogged in your bathtub get worse, the drain cleaner like bio-clean or pure lye is well known among many families for their affection.
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