Hmm Instilation Via Burned Cd ?

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<div class="IPBDescription">Instilation problems</div> Being a 56k user I can't really download NS frome a server so in all my Brilliance I went to a friend who had dsl and downloaded it there and burned it onto a cd. now when I went to install it it installed. i first updated half-life then installed the v3.0 beta and then the update. then i installed steam. most of my half life mods came up tfc/cs/dod/hldm/ and half life but no NS. Another 3rd party game showed up "Half life the beginning". But sadly no NS. so I updated steam and any thing else that could be wrong. I am corrently downloading a server patch but I dont think that it will work? What can I do download it it online?
oh yea though it dose suck that I have a 56k it works fine if I am within 300(ping)
and there are no more than 12 players. (halo)(C&C generals)

Oh my computer occaisonaly tells me that H-L is not a valid win32 .App but if I reinstall it it works fine(why?) the same goes for ns when i try to get it running.
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