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I have started my own server and i don't know where to get amx mod or a good admin mod to help me run my 2.0 dedicated server. and i also need to get some admin commands or that sort. And i don't really know how to set up whichbot in full detail....

if u have some info on this stuff PLZ reply to this i am really just looking for a squick setup where i could possibley run a clan server...

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    Running an NS server is the same as running any other HL mod server (more or less)

    A quick set up is a case of getting the dedicated server, editing server.cfg and clicking the hlds.exe shortcut.

    After that you really need some idea of where your going...

    You will almost certainly want to add metamod as without it no other mods will work. Then adminmod will get you commands like admin_say, admin_ban and admin_kick. There is lots of NS specific stuff at www.modns.org

    Some useful links for you:-

    NS Server Mods

    Don't over do it, keep it simple for now. Each mod adds possibly problems. I would suggest you start with getting the basic server running well then add metamod and adminmod.

    PS. Whats your servers IP address? and why did you choose 2.0 ?
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    well its kinda a clan issue cause i didn't get the 2.1 update i am still fiddling around with the server i cant seem to run one without getting a major lag bug (probley my dads downloads) and i forgot how to find out ur ip lol........

    as soon as i get a clan server we will be going 2.1 so thats y i am asking for help....we basically got website and a bit of members a server we meet at for now cause we don't have our own all i really need to do is get a clan server running and install HL and NS to my network server and it can run 24/7 which will be about a few weeks...(to long if u ask me).......

    i was told that Adminmod suxors and i should use Clanmod instead because they said it was smaller and easier to use....


    this feels like what i am up againts
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    I use AdminMod and it does not suck. Them telling you it sucks is just an opinion, and opinions are like as
    s, everybody has one. Choose for yourself man, don't let people sway you.

    If you want to use Clanmod, use clanmod, if you want to use AMXMod use that one, I use AdminMod because it's been around for a long time and I'm used to it. As far as I can tell they are all more or less the same.


    NS Win32/Linux Server setup guides:
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    well hopefully with ur help i canuse adminmod cause i thought it was the best one around anywase..
    most of my friends use Adminmod so i am going to stick with that.

    U know how to run a dedicated server and join it from the same computer?
    cause when i create a dedicated server it just says at the very end adding master ip.......
    i hope with ur help with i can put my server up faster


    [Us] ****[Server]

    eaglec u think u could email me all the info on how to completley run a server with Adminmod, metamod and whichbot?
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    Nope, but if you have a go and post specific questions if/when you get stuck I'll do everything I can to help you.

    Basically though get the server running as vanilla (no pluggins), then get Adminmod from their website and run the installer (good idea to rtfm) this adds metamod for you. Then go to modns.org and get the metamod version 1.17a or 1.17b which has been patched. Drop the new metamod.dll file into addons/metamod/dlls

    Start the server and the basics are done. Check that metamod and adminmod are loaded by typing 'meta list' at the console. Check adminmod by typing admin_command admin_version.

    a for running the ds and game from the same PC... I'd say if you can avoid doing that do. Otherwise you need to specify a different port for the dedicated server to use using +port 27025 in the hlds.exe shortcut
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    okay that works just as well anywase i have a network server i could put it on but for now i need to make sure how to run it i loaded a ds server and i cant tell if adminmod or metamod loaded cause when it jsut loads up a bunch of files stops at some adding master server thing and i type in admin_command meta list and admin_version it does nothing........(well at least i know the server works)........


    really stumped at this problem
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    ok, after it goes through "adding master server" type

    map co_core

    that should start a flurry of activity as it loads up a game, then try


    That should get you some basic info about the server

    Did you get as far as a working, joinable server before you added adminmod? This is a basic rule. Walk first, then run.

    If you have already installed adminmod and it works to this point the command you want first is :-

    meta list

    nothing else, just that. Let us know the results of these three commands.
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    eh sorry had to reinstall the the stuff i redited this post 7 times already pretty funny...

    Anywase adminmod loads metalist shows whichbot loaded status give server info players ip things like that now i just need to know exactly how to log in my rcon i already made a account in the ini file edited the other thngs in the cfg file but the adminpass.cfg file is what boggles me cause here is my thing

    Lurk:test:131071 user.ini <---- already done

    setinfo "_pw-home" "test" adminpass.cfg
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    I find passwords less secure than setting access by STEAMID, so long as you never let anyone you dont trust use your account wink.gif

    So I generally have users.ini with lines like:-


    irc: quakenet #adminmod will help you loads with this provided you have read the adminmod manual.
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    Also, you might want to convert your server to 3.0, as 2.0 isn't really used anymore.
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