The Marine Crosshair

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Just a quickie :)
Anyone know whether it is possible to change the marine crosshair colour - and how to do it! smile.gif




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    You can only do it by overwriting the .spr files. Don't ask me which ones, though. wink.gif
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    While we're at there also a way to change it to the regular HL cross? The TSA crosshairs take up loads of space.
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    You can't change the color for any of the hud icons, but there is 1.04 crosshairs avalible for 3.0, look in the custom forums.
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    I'm not sure how it works on Steam, as I seem to recall that the way sprites were dealt with was changed (for the official mods at least). If it works like it used to for NS, you should be able to find various text-files named like "weapon_[weapon].txt". In there, you'll see an entry called crosshair I believe, where you can change the crosshair sprite to whatever sprite you want. If you want the default H-L crosshair, I think you have to type "crosshair" or "crosshairs" (though you should probably ask someone else about that).
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    Since the crosshair sprites uses Index Alpha rendering, you can change the color by simply switching the last color in the palette to whatever tint you want to use...
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