Error Downloading Security Module

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HLDS NS 3.0 Server
Hello. I have set up my server due to one of those guides that I have found around here. (I forgot who made it, so I give credit to whoever did)

I have a computer using Internet Connection Sharing through my server that is hosting the NS HLDS, and it can connect and play on the server, as well as see it on the Lan server in the Steam menu. But I cannot see my server on the regular Internet Steam menu when I look for it, and I am guessing that is why people aren't joining. I tried to add a -secure 1 command to the Target of the Shortcut to the HLDS, but I still get the error:

"Downloading Security Module from ...
Error downloading Security Module from
Server is not Secure."

So, I think that this is making others not see my server on Stream, even though I can still have others connect if I get them to connect directly to my IP address. Is there a way to fix or at least trouble-shoot this?


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    VAC (-secure 1) is not added nor supported as of NS 3.0 beta 3. I _heard_ it will be in 3.0 final, however.
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    Then how do others have their servers listed on Steam?
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    You don't have to have secure on in order to have your server listed on steam. It most likely has to do with your setup. Internet Connection Sharing is not the ideal setup for running a server on a cable/DSL connection since I don't think you have any control over forwarding ports to the server. If you have a software firewall setup that can also block people from connecting or the server from contacting the steam master servers.


    NS Win32/Linux Server setup guides:
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    Ooo, thank you for your responses. For some reason, people can now join randomly ^_^
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