Linux Hlds/ns3.0 Tweakage/optimisation

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Description/Use of this thread: Ideally this thread will be a listing of various options that may be easily tweaked which may enhance the performance of a Linux based steamed NS server.

Motivation for this thread: After recently setting up a 16 player server averaging at around th 70% usage mark on an Athlon 1600+ I wanted to find out some quick and easy ways to help tweak the server for better performance. Ideally this thread is based towards simple, quick and easy tweaks rather then recompiling the kernel with patches. It's also meant to fill the gap in between Vadakill's wonderful Setup Guides and Korensky's Optimum Kernel discussion.

So feel free to list various tweaks for linux based steamed NS 3.0 servers, including things like examples and a description of what it does. An example would be changing 'sys_ticrate'. I would provide an example using this but to be honest, I really don't know much about it.
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