Off Topic:my Pencil+paper+ruler Art

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I like designing stuff
You can guess what that would be...
Favorite design of mine, kinda like a high tech battle suit.
WW2 style sea bomber aircraft, but this is more of anti tank/bomber idea.
4 machineguns, external
Anti tank cannon, manned by guy barely fitting in it
1 rear machinegun
4 fuel tanks with wings for more lift
Something I made in Milkshape, 2nd model I made
Even had the littile iron sight idea, but it doesn't work real life, due to battery compartment in back
Edit:You're wondering why theres 3d art?
I designed something like that pistol in 3d a while ago, lost it somewhere...
Note, I can only draw in 2D due to my bad abilty with artwork.


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