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<div class="IPBDescription">is there a solution?</div> Just to get the system setup stuff out of the way here goes:

DSL modem -> Router -> Server

DSL modem (acts as router) set IP Passthrough to real router
Netgear router set DMZ to server machine.
Server machine is WinXP machine running with NS with Steam.

First and foremost, my DSL subscription acquires an IP through DHCP (ie. dynamic IP) and must be renewed every hour. I don't have the extra $35 gouge in my pocket a month to upgrade to a service that gives me a static IP so I use dyndns.org to set up a domain. Thankfully my netgear router automatically supports automatic updating of my dyndns.org entry.

Secondly, I would like to run a dedicated server for my clan to use on the aforementioned server machine. The problem I am having has to do with the fact that the IP address of the server is automatically set to "localhost" (even if I specify on the command line a different IP to use). That's the first part of the problem anyway. Can anyone tell me how I can prevent hlds from using the default "localhost" IP allocation. I have a BIG feeling this is what is preventing the rest of my clan from having the server show up in their server browsers. They instead have to manually put in an IP addy that I tell them in order to connect. Obviously I'd rather have them connect through the server browser than telling them the IP every time they want to play (remember the external IP renews every hour as well).

The second part of the problem is this. Even if I am able to successfully tell hlds to use my current IP address it will be changing every hour and thus need to be updated on the console and re-posted to the master server lists every hour. Is it possible to actually specify a domain name instead of ip address. This way I could specify my domain I have through dyndns.org and never have to do that automatically.

Obviously I won't be able to have people put my server in their favorites list but i'm not too particularly stressed about that. I just want my buddies to be able to:

#1 See the server in the server browser
#2 Be able to post my domain instead of an ip

If I can't do this straight through hlds are there other tools I might want to look into?


  • RichoDemusRichoDemus Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8835Members
    ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    to your config.cfg

    I can't get it to work from the command line

    and try a service such as www.dyndns.org for a dynamic hostname
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    I have the same thing.

    Just open ports on your router that the server uses (or since its DMZ, dont bother with that).

    On your side you'll see your local lan ip, but everyone else outside should be able to connect to your server with the external ip.

    EG. When i connect to my server, i connect by my internal ip (192.168.x.x:27016), everyone outside connects to it by Even when i query the server with HLSW, i see my internal ip.
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