Dead Lag Problem

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Not because of Bandwidth
Sometimes when my buddies and I are sick of all the idiots than ruin games in a pub (which is really very few people, but you know who you are!) I will host a game. Every couple of minutes the game totally freezes for AT LEAST 30 seconds, and it's usually much much longer (2 minute range). Then all of a sudden it is perfectly fine again and we play for another 15-20 minutes before it happens again. We usually play with about 6 of us (including me) with my upload being about 60 kbps. Sometimes I notice it does this as someone is leaving the game. Any idea's?

System specs are as follows smile.gif:

AMD Athlon XP 2400+
Epox Motherboard with nForce 2 chipset
High Performance pc2700 512 stick of DDR
GeForce FX 5900 128mb 450 mhz mem 850 core (I might have those 2 backwards)
Windows XP Professional with SP1
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