Cal Is Moving To Ns 3.0 Beta

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Three days ago I posted some news about CAL-NS moving from NS 2.01 to NS 3.0 Beta. Immediately the community expressed dissatisfaction with such a move. Issues were brought forth about the fact that NS 3.0 is still in beta and that it is currently unbalanced and that there are lag and server performance problems, all of which are not what any of us want; but these are all things that we have dealt and played with in the past also. Public beta releases were used prior to 2.01 and everything from balance problems to lag and server performance issues were in 1.04. These are all things that are not new to any of us, especially those of us that have been here since the first public release of NS on October 31st and some of these are issues that we will have to continue to deal with.

NS 3.0 will not be in beta forever, in fact chances are it will go gold before the end of this season. It could happen before playoffs commence or it could happen after they are already in full swing. Switching over to Steam from WON will cause far less headache at this point of the season than it could at the end or even during playoffs. The difficulties that could arise from this switch will be a lot easier to handle now than later.

There are also concerns about the bugs and exploits that pop up since NS 3.0 is still in beta. Well the solution to this is simple. Do not consciously take advantage of them. Do not exploit. If you somehow are affected by a bug, do not continue to use to gain an advantage. If killing yourself or going to the Ready Room do not solve the problem, then try reconnecting. I'll be the first to admit this is not a preferred way to play, but it is the only fair and respectful solution as long as bugs and exploits exist. I expect all clans and players to compete fairly and honestly, and I know everyone else expects the same.

The balance problems that many are so fond of mentioning, yet never really quantifying are being worked on with every new build of NS 3.0. As of tonight a new build is even being released with the hope of lessening any balance issues. These balance problems that affect clan play will only be found more quickly if there are more scrims and/or matches taking place. It has come my way that many clans do not wish to scrim NS 3.0 since NS 2.01 is still used by all of the leagues. This is a situation that is not conducive to the improvement of NS, something that we all wish we could do more for.

Many seem quite aware of the poll that is currently on-going on the front page. Many do not believe that NS 3.0 is ready for league play ( No: 54% & Yes: 46% ), and I fully appreciate and respect your opinions. On the flip side, many believe that NS 3.0 is ready for league play... Although not quite as many. The difference is of about 30 votes. Although a nice chunk of a difference, it is not enough to change my opinion about switching over to NS 3.0 this season.

In re-examining this situation I realize that I did act a little hastily with my timeline. My eagerness is now a little more subdued and a new timeline created. We will start using NS 3.0 beta for Week 5. This will give clans and players two weeks to prepare. There will be no more matches of NS 2.01 after the completion of Week 4 matches, so have all your servers converted over to Steam with NS 3.0. Also, all players have only these two weeks to update their accounts with their SteamID. The link to do so is readily available within the Feature section on the main page. If your SteamID is not updated, do not expect to play in any matches starting Week 5.

This is the final decision on this subject and cannot be changed. This is also not an experience CAL-NS will be going through alone, but I will not say anymore about that.

As always I can be reached via email and IRC for any questions.
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