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not working?
I only tried it under linux.

after connecting the hltv to some server, it says failed to load "director_i386.so"(typo?) and director.cfg.
then after connecting TO the hltv, i can only see the team chats.
I can't move around/watch other players.
Love and play!


  • LumpyLumpy Join Date: 2003-08-20 Member: 20026Members Posts: 57
    As I recall the director errors can be ignored. When connected to a NS 3.0 server I also can't change anything, or view anyone.

    However when connecting to a DoD server I have full control, yet still get the same director errors.

    Someone had asked on #nsserver if HLTV still wasn't working for NS 3.0. I'm guessing maybe this is a known issue.
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