Natural Selection Irc Channels

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NS' community is more than two years old by now, and like old ladies tend to accumulate handbags and hats, we gathered more and more IRC channels, some of which you might find interesting. Pretty much all of them may be found on
Channel owners who feel left out: Please PM me with your chan.

<b><i>International or official channels:</i></b><ul><li><b>#naturalselection</b>: Our official channel. Come here for general information regarding NS, lots of nice people, and a slight hint of insanity.</li><li><b>#nspickup</b>: <i>The</i> place to arrange quick pick-up games.</li><li><b>#findnsscrim</b>: Likewise, a good place to organize clan scrims.</li><li><b>#9thlevel</b>: A channel for the discussion of everything related to - you guessed it - NS mapping.</li><li><b>#naturalselection</b> (Quakenet): A general channel for NS-related banter on Quakenet. No official affiliations to the NS team.</li><li><b>#EDITING</b> A multi-mod editing resource created by the chaps over at #hl2. Might be worth a look if you didn't find an answer in one of the NS-centric channels.</li><li><b>#ensl</b> (Quakenet): European Natural Selection League (also welcomes community chatter)</li><li><b>#ansl</b>: American Natural Selection League</li></ul><b><i>National community channels (no official affiliations):</i></b>

Brasil:<ul><li><b>#nsbrasil</b> (Brasnet)</li></ul>Australia:<ul><li><b>#AusNS</b> (GameSurge)</li></ul>New Zealand:<ul><li><b>#nsnz</b> (GameSurge)</li></ul>South Africa:<ul><li><b>#natural-selection</b> (</li></ul>Have fun chatting!
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