Clanbase Ns Cup Spring 2004

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Singups open!
I'll keep it short and simple, check out the Cup Site for info on signing up. The Cup is prodominately European but if there is enough interest from overseas we can expand.

Info about CB:
ClanBase is a free extensive system for gamers to play action games over the internet, founded by gamers in 1998, and now registering around a million players. Measured by activity, ClanBase has become the largest online gaming community and competition website in the world.

Online action games are usually played in teams (clans) and ClanBase provides them with homepages, forums, news, files, ladders, leagues, gameservers and an advanced system to arrange matches. Every day, around 10.000 people play a match through ClanBase
ClanBase FAQ About ClanBase

The signups close 12:00 (CET) on Sunday so be sure to get your clan ready!


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