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This newest division is based around “NaturalSelection®”, a modification (or MOD) to the popular game “Half-Life®”. Over the last few years the multiplayer and team-oriented gameplay of Counter-Strike have been a catalyst in making Half-Life one of the most popular online game in the world. This has led to it being the major game played at Local Area Network (LAN) tournaments worldwide.

The goal for the UGS-NS is to provide the increasing amount of gamers a structured league environment with a number of different divisions, in which they can compete for thousands of dollars in prizes.

UGS is already currently sponsored by such companies/organisations as:

CyberXGaming (

These dedicated sponsors combined with UGS’s experienced administrators and the high calibre of teams will optimally lead UGS into becoming the most competitive and professional gaming league in the country.

“Up to this stage it has been common knowledge that the serious NaturalSelection clans have been without a structured online league to compete in. Our new division will no doubt alter that thought and as such, will be an asset to the gamers and to the gaming scene in general.” said Michael Anthony, League Director of UGS-NS.

NaturalSelection players and teams interested in competing may now sign up on the official United Gaming Syndicate website ( The initial sign up period will last for two weeks before two more weeks of open play. Season 1 will commence around the begining of January.

UGS-NS can be contacted through the official website or in the following IRC channels:

#ugs, #ugs-ns, #ugs-help

About UGS:

The United Gaming Syndicate (UGS) – was founded in May 2002 in New York, New York, USA. One of the North American’s premier online gaming leagues, our goal is to provide the virtual gamers a structured league environment where a player can compete and excel in a variety of games. The league currently offers multiple divisions including Counter Strike – North America, Day of Defeat©, Call of Duty® and Natural Selection™. UGS has over 60,000 registered users.

Call of Duty®
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This news release contains forward-looking statements pertaining to the future of the United Gaming Syndicate. As such, these statements contain risks and uncertainties which may be decided as related to public interest, marketing ability, advertising ability, acceptance of the United Gaming Syndicate’s goals and aspirations etcetera. Actual results can and may differ to those currently expected and/or anticipated as stated in this press release.
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