Behind A Firewall

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wanna run a server
Kk basicaly as the topic says, i know that it might be possable to allo the outside world to see my server when i set it up but how would i go about configuring a tunnel?

i have manages to connect to quakenet through one called HTTPort 3.SNF2... any help would be much apreciated
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    Ok, first off, what type of firewall do you use? Most firewalls use the same local adminisstrative menu address


    Open that, for STEAM open the port 1200 and the port number based on the port number you are using (example you use -port 27015 open the port 27015 [pretty straight forward])

    If you aren't doing a STEAM Server just don't open the port 1200, as 1200 is a STEAM regonition port.
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