Where Can I Find Current Tools?

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<div class="IPBDescription">for upto the minute whining about stats</div> i was just woundering where i could find a site or thread that listed all the basics for aliens and marines. You know stuff like Rates of fire, damage, energy consumption, armour effectiveness and what not.
i've been by www.nonoobs.org/damage, but have been informed that it's values are outdated.
Any help would be great.


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    I don't think that anyone has a compiled list of damages and such.

    However, the best resources for you are available here on the forums. Just use the search function in general discussion (or an appropriate forum) and you should find the answer to any question you have 3 times over.

    If you don't find it in the search then you might want to just ask a question other people may be wondering the same thing.

    Some NS related sites that may help: www.readyroom.org and www.commchair.com

    There are many more out there but those are all I can think of at the moment.
  • RipurRipur Join Date: 2002-11-05 Member: 7193Members
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