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Any clan that approaches us will be hosted, we want everyone to feel welcome to our community. Not only that but once we feel we have enough clans we will be starting up our own game ladders for various games.

Some of the major games we will be having game ladders for include:
>Counter strike
>Day of defeat
>Natural selection

As these are the most player, if anybody would like to donate a server for these ladders they would be more than welcomed. We will provide certain benefits to anyone who is able to do so. If you have a game which you feel may be good for a game ladder, get as many clans as you can to join that way we know people will play it.

As we have mentioned numerous times we accecpt any game clans who wish for us to host them. In turn they will recieve:

>Sufficient storage for their clan site
>A sub-domain for their site
>Community forums customised to their needs.
>Help & Support where needed

As you can see this is quite good compared to other communities just offerring forums. If you would like hosting please post here and we will answer when possible.

In Conclusion (for those lazy people):
iN is supporting clans as much as possible, we are starting a game ladder for various games mentioned, and any server donations would be wonderful.
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