Popups And Steam

Teufel_EldritchTeufel_Eldritch Join Date: 2002-01-28 Member: 124Members
Whenever I play a STEAM game my pc gets popups about once every 2 min minimizing the game to desktop. Being minimized to desktop during a game can lead to some serious anger.

This is a real pain in the ****. Spybot, Ad-Aware and Pop-Up Stopper dont find or fix the prob. This only happens when I play on STEAM servers. I know its on my end. Some site I visited along the lines dl'ed and installed some crap somewhere on my pc.

I have had advice ranging messing with my regedit to messing around with my HOSTS files. Nothing has alleviated the prob as of yet.

Also when I goto restart in MS-DOS and guess what? It wont let me format. All I get is a blinking cursor. Yay! Just great! Not only do I have a prob with popups but now I cant even fix it! O this is just grand!

A solution to my probs would be greatly appreciated.


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