[mrel]2.0-compatible 360deg Observatory

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I claim only 1% credit of this model!
Right, like I said, all I did was take the 1.0 Observatory, and tweak the .qc so it spun 360 degrees in idle2 (the standard 2.0 anim). Barely anything, but it looks alot better. I'm not posting a pic since unless I decided to make an excessively large .gif, a pic wouldn't do it justice (the anims are the only difference). It's just the standard 1.0 observatory with it's quaint little 1.0 animations in this 2.0 world. Oh, and did I mention that ALL I DID WAS CHANGE THE ANIMATION SEQUENCE!!! I CLAIM NO CREDIT FOR THIS MODEL, ITS ANIMATIONS, SKINS, OR CONCEPT(S)!!!!

put both the files into ...\ns\models\

Default: [x]
High-Poly: [x]

Credits to BlackPanther for the high-poly model smile.gif
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