Comm Chair Spammage

LitoLito Join Date: 2003-09-04 Member: 20560Members
<div class="IPBDescription">Ugh.</div> a month before this post, i was palying ns and i saw this person (changes name most of the time to avoid kicks, and stuff, but usually named 'YOLK' or 'YOLT') gettnig into the commchair every start of the game, and spamming comm chairs and recycling the res node.

IF he can't get in the commchair, he waits until comm gets out, then he gets in, recycles, and spamms commchairs.

ITs funny that i just played this morning (after a loooong NS drought) and hes still at it.

Spamming Commchairs means:
-> all money lost to commchairs
-> Game is lost (comm chairs are unrecyclable)
-> N00bs waste thier time BUILDING these things...

we need to put a delay on commchair placements, so that people that are relocating can do so, but people like YOLK can't ruin the game for everyone.


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