Hltv On Steam Server; Steamids Not Loggable

LarryCLarryC Join Date: 2003-08-07 Member: 19177Members
<div class="IPBDescription">Problems concerning League monitoring</div> Has ANYone been successful in getting HLTV to work on either a Win32 or Linux HLDS ?

In checking server logs I've noticed that when a player joins the server his STEAMid is noted (ie: JoeBlowIam<13><STEAM_0:0:XXXXX><>" STEAM USERID validated) but subsequent lines show "JoeBlowIam<13><4294967295><marine1team>", and then <b>ALL</b> players on the server have the ID number of 4294967295. Is this normal, or can log settings (or ANYthing) be changed to rectify this?
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