[mrel] Laser Knife

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Knife with a laser blade
Laser knives galore! Including the green one in the pic, as well as the original white, and the addition of blue, red, yellow, and purple biggrin.gif

V_ Models:

Original Knife: NS Team
Texture Remap: million
Inspiration: Clashen
Skinning: Revolver
Compilation: Revolver

p_ Models:
Original Knife: NS Team
Texture Remap: Revolver
Skinning: Revolver
Compilation: Revolver

Base Sounds: NS Team, Desert Crisis Team
Mixing: Revolver
Compilation: Revolver

(v_models) Put v_kn_mdl and v_kn_hv.mdl into ...\ns\models
(p_models) Rename the color of your choice to p_kn, and place it into ...\ns\models
(sounds) Put kn-hit-1.wav, kn-hit-2.wav, and kn-deploy.wav into ...\ns\sounds\weapons

Download Links:
Clashen's Red: [x]
Yellow: [x]
Blue: [x]
Green: [x]
million's White: [x]
Purple: [x]
p_ Models (All Colors): [x]
Sounds: [x]

(creds to JezPuh for teh l337 download "[x]")

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