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New gaming community! Read up!
Hey there!

A new gaming community is in the process of being made, we are currently revamping. Our site is up, and is continuosly being updated with newer better upgrades, our forum is also up, but is getting revamped also. This community is specifically designed for clans and loner players. By signing up you automatically register yourself to take part in LMS's and other tournaments and contests presented by NSHive. We are opening at the end of september and need support thru interested clans and even staff! We are also buying 2 24 man public servers, one located on the east coast, and one located on the west coast both with oc-190+ server machines. If you are interested then visit us at : http://www.nshive.zor.org and check us out on mirc at #nshive @ gamesnet.net . Our site is close to being done and our forum is currently being re skined and edited for maximum performance.

This community will help clans recruit, scrim, or even advertise their name and other qualities about them in an interactive web ring that offers many options to leaders! Lone players can check out other clans or present themselves as threats on the forum!

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Cant wait to see you around! asrifle.gifpudgy.gif


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