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<div class="IPBDescription">For specific maps</div> Some tips for Bast:
In engine hive room, placing a chamber underneath the vent entrances will allow you to get into them as a gorge and wreak havoc. For added fun, make it an O chamber, and instead of directly under the vent, put it just off to the door-side of the room, that way a marine coming through won't see the chamber until they've actually crawled out of the vent and have to deal with it. It's also a good idea to place an O chamber a little farther off where it has a direct line of fire into the vent itself -- marines move slower there so will take more damage.

Don't forget to do this one the hive side vents as well, marines don't care which end they come in from.

Once that's done, hop into the vent on hive-side and go to the very end of it. There's a bit of dead space there just past the vent entrance that makes a great place to drop a sensory chamber which will cover most of the hallway outside engine.

Also, don't forget to put something in the well at the far end of engine. Some marines are sneaky and like to set up a phase gate in that well. A chamber of some sort will give you warning. If you're feeling particularly fancy, put a D on the bottom and stack an O on top of it. It should be up just high enough to fire, but still be harder to see for marines than an OC out in the open.

In furnace, don't neglect the walkway up above. Marines will on occasion try to sneak through up there and can be in a good position to launch a distraction attack against the hive.

Don't put a chamber in vent tunnel right beside the marine base elevator. It will tend to block the path, and will fall to a siege in the marine base anyway. However, do find other spaces for strategic OCs in bast's vent system. There is a T-junction at one point leading to a ladder. Dropping an OC at the end of the hall and webbing the bottom of the ladder is almost guarunteed to bring a couple res back to you, and has the bonus of not blocking the vent system for anybody else.


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    Near those vents is a bridge over a deep pit. You can stack up 4 chambers there that WONT block the path (two on the path, two on the rails) and in the pilots room you can place a DC and SC to cover them all.

    Very good at endgame when you want to make sure they don't run to the vents.

    Otherwise I totally agree. Skulk players may also want to work with gorges by ambushing those caught in the webs. I saw one skulk player stand and stare at a webbed marine until he got unstuck...........

    *worries about intelligence of players*
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    1: Build stuff OUTSIDE of the siege ranges of hives. This goes for every map, but it has some unique zones. For example, in caged, fortify the res node in purification as well as sewer hive. Both are important to you, and if you lose one you can stage assaults from the other.

    2: Guerilla warfare is your friend! Constructs OCs in positions that the marines can't physicly touch without going a long way around. On pillars (look around for elevated sections) is even better, since it makes the OCs more difficult to shoot.

    3: Sensory chambers can allow the construction of bases before detection. Build a Sensory around a corner, then a D chamber in the staging area. Build two OCs near the DC, but time your construction so that both finish at the same time. If you have all these ingredients, rogue marines can't destroy this base as long as you're there.

    4: Build sensories in PLAIN SIGHT, but in slightly out of the way areas! On ns_caged, leve marines start, turn right (toward the dual res) and walk to the area with railings. Pay attention to the left wall; note how it sinks away and there are some pipes? Put sensories and DCs here, marines will never suspect a thing. If you place them on the other side of the wall, you risk a marine stumbling into it accidentally and stabbing it. But if you just build it in places marines simply don't walk, it's often NEVER detected! Try it in corners, under ladders, dark areas, or even (on eclipse) in the depressed areas to the side of station access alpha.

    Map Specific

    Eclipse: I can't get enough of using the unreachable vents! There's one at horseshoe that leads to marine start, build a few DCs in here. Likewise, there is one under station access that a marine going in can't get out of. If you put DCs in here, aliens can heal through the ground. Likewise, sensories allow cloaking in areas where marines need to use GLs or sieges to get rid of.

    Caged: You can get away with lots of OCs in purification when assaulting sewer. Siege range requires sieges to be built in the vent-like red area, and marines can't shoot OCs by the Res node without coming down the ladder! Likewise, you can hide sensories in Stability monitoring on top of the covered walkway.
    If the marines weld the vent shut by upper sewer, run through their base into the vent, and build whatever you want in there. If you get some DCs you can go lerk and harass the base indefinately (just like 1.04!)

    Bast: You can get away with sensory chambers in the vents round marine start. Make the obs your primary target (if it's by the comm chair, you can actually build all the way across the room safely, otherwise, try to bilebomb it) so you can work into their bae with sensories they can't touch.

    Veil: The vents above the dual res are ideal for lobbing bilebombs onto turret farms.

    More to come!
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    Emphasising the hive note - if you build IN a hive, the marines can just turret outside it. Your hive gets sieged, and people die as they spawn.

    This is not good.

    Expand from the hive, put the OC there, and that way your boys have some fallback space as well as keeping the hive safe from a siege. Remember, if a siege goes up outside a chamber-heavy hive, its BOOM all round and dead bodies everywhere. And you'll never take the siege down fast enough.

    When you're building in vents, think cleverly. Don't block the route, because your team may need it later. Just be smart with your placement.

    Also, I keep seeing random spam of OC and massive walls of OC near marine bases. You do NOT need these. Just put a good set of OCs in a position the marines can't run past. On certain maps, such as Tanith, if you block one two doorways then ALL kharaa have to go round the map to get in the other door.

    This slows your game, and costs you more than it costs the marines, who by this time are in their base turret farming like there's no tomorrow.
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