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  • fawkesfawkes Join Date: 2003-08-25 Member: 20188Members
    ummm i dont understand how could you have a ns movie with actors and wut not i just dun get!?!!?
  • PlanetkillerPlanetkiller Join Date: 2003-06-05 Member: 17028Members
    Step 1: Film scenes ingame with HLTV or whatever.
    Step 2: Actors record their lines
    Step 3: Lines edited in along with extra special effects

    See, not so hard, eh?
  • xeNixxxeNixx Join Date: 2003-08-09 Member: 19252Members
    God if you want the essence of NS, it should be modeled after : "Aliens". When you watch, you cannot help but be reminded of Natural-Selection.
  • breathstealerbreathstealer Join Date: 2002-11-25 Member: 9872Members
    bast...all the way
  • bongfarmerbongfarmer Join Date: 2003-02-04 Member: 13119Members
    fawkes the 'actors' are just players. Say we want to make a scene of 2 marines riding an elevator and then an onos falls on them, all we do is get 2 people to be marines, one person to be the onos, and a few people to be spectators to film it from different angles. We all start recording using half lifes in game demo maker, we act out the scene. Later we edit it so it looks like a movie, and the voice actors record and send in their lines, the lines are inserted and the film is checked to see if it needs more editing

    Yeah, we still need a lot more people, especially modellers/skinners and script writers right now

    xeNixx, we want the script to be unique, but there will be simularities, you cant make a good killer aliens on a ship movie without having somethings incommon with aliens
  • PlanetkillerPlanetkiller Join Date: 2003-06-05 Member: 17028Members
    Actually Bong, I think we're OK for script writers, there's me, Xentor, Stickman and another which I can't remember right now.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to start contacting a few modellers and mappers about using their work.
  • th0r0nth0r0n Born again n00b Join Date: 2003-06-12 Member: 17313Members
    I wanna see it I wanna see it!
  • bongfarmerbongfarmer Join Date: 2003-02-04 Member: 13119Members
    It can never hurt to have more opinions and ideas. Besides, if the script keeps wobbling foward at this pace many people would lose intrest, including the staff

    Sure, we need modellers
  • JoltGrisJoltGris Join Date: 2002-12-19 Member: 11143Members
    <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>NS_SIEGE005</span></span>
  • EpidemicEpidemic Dark Force Gorge Join Date: 2003-06-29 Member: 17781Members
    Do you have a script ready?
  • PlanetkillerPlanetkiller Join Date: 2003-06-05 Member: 17028Members
    We have a few scenes written, a shaky otline for the entire movie, and about a 1/4 - 1/3 laid out properly.
  • XentorXentor Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 5877Members
    edited September 2003
    Quick update... This project is just getting bigger and bigger... Thanks to a couple skilled coders, we've switched our plans from plain in-game footage to rendered scenes. We'll still need actors, but this means we can incorporate all the subtle effects and movements NS isn't capable of...

    Our main script outline is about 1/3rd done and moving along quite nicely, and we've already got a few people working on models, skins, and sounds/music... Of course, we could always use more help!

    If you want in, we're at <a href='http://nsmovie.ralphygn.com' target='_blank'>http://nsmovie.ralphygn.com</a> ... Sign-ups are in the forum.
  • GeronimoGeronimo Join Date: 2002-12-18 Member: 11056Members
    Id say a dark map with both infestation, water, shafts and fog

    Hera? that or Nothing...=D
  • PlanetkillerPlanetkiller Join Date: 2003-06-05 Member: 17028Members
    The map choice is no longer a debate. It will be set on a combination of Bast and Nothing.
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