Is There 2.0 Bots?

SinSpawnSinSpawn Harbinger of Suffering Join Date: 2002-11-12 Member: 8359Members
Do the old bots till work for 2.0? Is their a new release? download link?


  • JaspJasp Join Date: 2003-02-04 Member: 13076Members
    <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

    <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

    Im pretty sure these are the 2 main NS bots altho if they work on 2.0 im not sure.

    One is for marines RC bot and the whichbot is for aliens.
  • clamatiusclamatius Join Date: 2003-03-27 Member: 14948Members, Constellation
    RCBot is being updated right now.

    v0.6 of WhichBot is NS2.0 compatible - check <a href='' target='_blank'></a> for details.
  • JoAlienJoAlien Join Date: 2003-08-09 Member: 19187Members
    i think 0.6 works for 2.0, but doesn't use new features.

    also, i hear theyre gonna combine RCbot and WBot into one package
  • MonkeybonkMonkeybonk Join Date: 2003-08-04 Member: 18859Banned
    RC bot should focus on ONLY marines, and WhichBot only on aliens. WhichBot's are very smart, and exclusively alien. So if you get a good marine bot up, you could command a bot-on-bot game and see how you do!
  • JoAlienJoAlien Join Date: 2003-08-09 Member: 19187Members
    and they should combine into ONE .DLL, like PODBOT or STURMBOT, i hate METAMOD ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • monkeymastermonkeymaster Join Date: 2003-02-20 Member: 13771Members
    i cant seem to install these bots and its really **** me and my pc is almost gonna go threw the window, can one of you nice people tell me a proper way to install them.
  • sk84zer0sk84zer0 Join Date: 2003-06-18 Member: 17478Members
    Im pretty sure WhichBot works with 2.0 but im not sure about the others
  • n4s7yn4s7y Join Date: 2003-04-18 Member: 15627Members
    I'd love to see them combine efforts. Two minds are better then one.
  • JimmehJimmeh Join Date: 2003-08-24 Member: 20173Members, Constellation
    Whichbot works for v2 and so does RCBot

    In the RCBot readme it tells you a way to set up both of the bots so you can use them at same time <!--emo&::nerdy::--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='nerd.gif'><!--endemo-->
  • hameshames Join Date: 2002-11-12 Member: 8293Members
    When I use whichbot and type wb add, it says my waypoints aren't defined, and it won't add in a bot. I'm not sure I understand this because when the map loaded it said the waypoints where loaded. I checked the plugin file for metamod and it already had the dll's directory path there:

    # $Id: plugins.ini,v 1.3 2003/05/19 06:55:08 clamatius Exp $

    win32 addons/whichbot/dlls/whichbot.dll

    linux addons/whichbot/dlls/

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • clamatiusclamatius Join Date: 2003-03-27 Member: 14948Members, Constellation
    Hames, you're probably not on a waypointed map.

    Maps currently supported right now:

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