Fun Tactic.

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<div class="IPBDescription">Bit expensive though.</div> One thing I've found fun to do once I've built up some res is the following:

1. Find a reasonable length hallway with a vent at one end. Preferably at the end the marines will be coming from.
2. Go gorge. (assuming you're not already)
3. Set up a mini-WoL (two offense, one defence, or even one offence, one defence - if you don't have defence, a sensory around the corner will do in a pinch) at the other end of the hall.
4. Go lerk
5. Hop up in the vent and wait for your victim.
6. Drop spores behind and on them as the WoL opens up.
7. Enjoy your res.


  • SpazmaticSpazmatic Join Date: 2003-05-10 Member: 16184Members
    You can also put a sensory at both ends, and drop two or three OCs at the far end from the marines. Hide at the closer end. When they walk by, the OCs open up, and they start firing back, creating a lot of noise. You, meanwhile, start gorgespitting from behind. GG 'rines, I took out a pack of 5 this way (though with a lot more OCs and with adrenal).
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