Don't Hide

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<div class="IPBDescription">Really, it's pointless.</div> I managed to get one of my rare kills as a skulk tonight because I was lucky enough to come upon a lone marine busily cutting down a sensory chamber.

Now, as I've mentioned before, my twitch skills are hardly the best, and in fact, my first attack wasn't enough to do the job, as the marine got away and I started to chase him -- but unfortunately the skulk wall walking betrayed me and I started running the wrong way on a wall so I lost him around a bend..

..or so he thought.

Unfortunately, he didn't stop to think. If I was cutting down a sensory chamber, chances are good that they've got scent of fear as an adaptation. Poor fella didn't know what hit him as I strafed around the corner and plowed straight into him, teeth a-chompin'.

The moral of the story: Don't bother being sneaky if you know the aliens already have sensory.


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