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What is the best OS to run a Natural Selection Dedicated server of the Windows Operating Systems?


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    i say it would be Xp.

    Sure it uses lots of ram, but if youre machine is gonna be all about the server, than you can stop your comp form loading nearly all of it that you dont need, only the stuff you do need.

    Xp also has superror networking and tcp/ip proccesing capablities, meaning a MUCH more stable computer/server.

    Hope that helps. smile.gif
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    I have 5 years experience in commercial server and network support. I had to choose how to invest £xxxx for Roob's new server. I wanted reliability, speed and ease of use. I chose XP and we haven't regreted it.
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    I run Win2k3. I actually liked W2K a little better due to its cut and paste abilities in the console (cant do it on w2k3).
    I would suggest that if you are not local to the servers, you run the server version of the OS as you can install terminal services (or whatever MS calls it today). This gives you full access to a "desktop" from a browser anywhere on the internet.
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    2k server is expensive but XP Pro also has Remote Desktop and costs much less.
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