Summer Sanatarium!

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<div class="IPBDescription">(did you miss me?)</div> Yeah, I havent been on the boards for about 2 months now, and I found some free time today so I thought I would share the fact that I went to the Summer Sanatarium Tour last saturday in Columbus, Ohio at the OSU football stadium.

or those of you who don't know what this is, Summer Sanatarium is a collection of bands. The order went like this: Mudvayne, Deftones, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and finally, METALLICA!!

You know its a good concert when
A: You can hardly move afterwards from the Mosh pitting and the headbanging and the fact that I STOOD in the same place for 9 hours straight about 20 yards from the stage.
B: It takes about 3 days for your hearing to return to normal (and this was an outside concert too)

The only problem was, OSU has this b.s. policy of NO ALCOHOL IN THE STADIUM!! But it was probably a good thing becasue it was about 90 degrees farenheit and I would have just dehydrated myself If I was drinking.

Anyway, about the bands:
Mudvayne - Really loud, lots of screaming in the songs, I found them pretty enjoyable.

Deftones - If you listen to their songs live, they are a little bit heavier than they are on the CD, plus the lead singer also thought the no alcohol policy was b.s., so he drank for us. My friened said that they werent really as loud as they have been before, but I was impressed by them anyway.

Linkin Park - Not Enough can be said about the excellent performance they gave. I really got into their songs, and they were so energetic on stage, plus their love of anime and the influenece of it in their video screen is a plus too! Mosh pits fromed about this time, as well as crowd surfing! I really, really enjoyed them live and would gladly pay to go see them again

Limp Bizkit - Eh, never really a fan of Fred Durst, but he did get alot of topless women and participated in the crowd by going into the cheap seats and singing.

METALLICA!! - If you are a fan and haven't seen them in concert before, GO!! If your not a fan, GO ANYWAY!! Who knows when they will be live again (actually, they will be indoors next spring they said). If you don't have the money, then start dealing drugs or sell your sister or do something, anything, to see this legendary rock band in concert. Flame jets, Fireworks, explosions. The plus thing is, they played most of their old songs, such as sanatarium, Master of puppets, Ride the Lightning, For whom the bell Tolls, Sad but true, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, and they best performance of the night, ONE!! They also played 2 new songs off Saint Anger, such as Saint anger and Frantic (Even though I would have liked to hear Some kind of Monster, but it didn't really matter), and they played Fuel too. They played more, I just can't think of them all. They were so pumped up, and I didn't mind if they had a new guitarist, he was still awesome. About the performance of one, before the song they had about 15 minuets of a simulated war: expolsions, fireworks, a big red searchlight, fog. When the song started, It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. The stage was dark except for an orange spotlight that lit up James Hetfield from behind, and then each indivudal band member came out with their own spotlight. Kirks Solo was excellent, and Lars was awesome on the drums. They had so much emotion and passsion in all of their songs, and throughout most of the performance James had his sadistic grin on. You can really tell they enjoy doing this, and they love their music.

Thats about it. I don't know If I will sink back into the abyss that is summer again, or I might just check this thread every now and then. If I don't check back, then I will be back around the middle of september when school starts again! Later, and ROCK ON!!!


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