A Request To The Ns Community

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Everyone was new once
Heya NS fans,

Lately, the forums have been getting a little, well, snooty. People have tended to reply a bit more condescendingly, or perhaps treat new players with less respect then they are due. There's also been a tendency to try and moderate threads by people who aren't mods. And there've been too many flamewars, by NS forum standards.

This needs to be stopped pronto.

A lot of effort has been spent in the NS community to keep it very friendly, social, and PG. We want our forums, channels, and servers to be a refuge from the majority of the online world where anarchy reigns, and admins are nowhere to be seen. We can only do this with YOUR help.

In the next few weeks, the countdown to NS 1.1 is going to begin. This means that the publicity campaign is going to swing into high gear. All those screenshots, movies, battlefield stories, and the rest are going to bring a lot of new faces into the NS community. A lot of new faces that are not NS experts, who have not been playing since October 2002, have not been following the mod since July 2001. Basically, a lot of 'newbies'.

These players are what will keep NS alive!

They need to be welcomed, and treated with patience and respect. Again - patience and respect. This means that when someone asks some silly question for the 20th time that day, and you have nothing good to say, then you have no reason to post. First impressions are what counts in the online world, and if the first response someone gets to 'how do I evolve into an Onos?' is 'SUYF read the manual, n00b!' then that player is likely never to ask anything again. You and the NS team cannot afford for this to happen.

So, on behalf of the dev team, the mods, and the ops, I am asking you think before you post that flame. My moderators have also been told that we're tightening up, and they are going to enforce this new mindset with extreme force if necessary. This means you will get a thread lock and a PM if we find you getting out of hand. Then a temp ban. Then you will be gone forever. We don't want to ban anyone, but this is what it will take to maintain the peace and goodwill in here, we will.

That's all. Please make sure your friends and mates read this post (it will be stickied in a while). Ignorance will not be an excuse.

Thanks, and get ready for NS 1.1. It's going to be affecting your grades and work performance sooner than you think! wink.gif
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    I like it.

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    Roger that. Well said. We don't want to turn into a CounterStrike forum either.

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    good post, one problem thou why ppl get irritated at newbees is that they dont listen.. most of them thou...
    if ppl only would listen and read the manual. almost everytime i play public i have to scream at someone because they go second gorge and build something stupid.

    n00bs are welcome, just listen to eachother ppl cuz its a teamplay game.
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    well i must say things are pretty ok ive been playing ns for about ..say about a month and i have not expierinced much hostillity.
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    newbies are the greatest, we were all new once. remember those days when u didnt know how to fly as a marine? remember the days u didnt know that a turret was a bad for your health? well how would u have liked it if someone shouted "Get off da frikin server u ****ing newb! go somewhere else! leave! scoot!" not a very nice community u'd think...
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    can somone help me out and get me up to date with these versions issues? I mean...Im conffused with 3.0 and COMBAT and 1.1? what's going to be the changes from 3.0 to 1.1 or where can I read about it...I haven't looked around much so don't bite my head off.
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    ok Tonstar, just on the off-chance that you haven't searched the site or forums for the information you seek, I'll divulge my own petty knowledge of the NS galaxy (aw, heck, "Universe").

    1.1 should be the old version. The newest version as of today, December 24th, is 2.0 (though the server version is usually referred to as "2.1")

    3.0 is the brand new version in development, to be released somewhere in the near future, or as the development team prefers to say it (though I wholeheartedly agree smile.gif) "When it's done." NS Combat is a new style of NS game to be released in conjunction with NS 3.0. Combat, from what I've seen, is basically like NS-Counter Strike, with level gains! This, of course, makes me a very ecstatic little skulk indeed. skulk.gif (see? he's so excited!)
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    Hee hee, you will KNOW when 3.0 is released... you will get on with old version and be like "where did all the servers go!?!?!?!"... Any way, yeah, be nice to the newbies so they can get good and give us some competition!
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    (theres been lotsa times that weve been knifed by noob when onos)

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    *sniff* *sniff* i remember those old days when i had no Dodge this. idea what to do and ppl were telling me to "knife rts" which i had no clue what they were.
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