Why Does This Happen?

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<div class="IPBDescription">In some servers</div> Yeah so in some servers it doesn't let you join if you are using custom models. So why do they do this, and only <b>some</b> do this?


  • wendigowendigo Join Date: 2002-11-13 Member: 8371Members
    Some servers have model consistancy set to not allow changed models. Mine is one where model consistancy is enforced.
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    By default 1.03 came with model consistency enforced.. I can't remember if 1.04 did or not. In NS 1.1 model consistency will be an option and it will check just about everything (more than the current checks). The main reason for this is to prevent cheating. There have been many cheats that involved using custom models. There has also been ways of tweaking the models to an give unfair advantage, like making them extend farther than normal so that ppl can't hide being structures, or changing the model colors to ultra bright so they are easily seen.

    Most big mod's have this feature, CS has this.. but then they put in tolerances to allow you to use custom models as long as they were within limits (ie FusionPack). I can't think of a CS server out there that doesn't run model consistancy. Will we see the same thing for NS? Not sure, but I wouldn't doubt that a future release will incorporate something like this. As of right now, all competitive leagues enforce model constancy to be on when playing matches, and pub servers that run this option do it primarly to even the playing field, and to render some cheats useless.
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