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United Kingdom Natural Selection League
Hi ya lads + ladies, Im head admin of the UKNSLeague and we're going to be up and running within a month or 2 which we're all very excited about ! And if you havnt guessed we are a sister network to the UKNS which blaska told you about in another post

Just a little about us ...
Channel : #uknsl
Site :
Forums :
(although not up yet)

other headadmins = Elmo + Danster
Server = (with pings no more then 80 when full) Also admined 90% of the time so less obvious cheaters/hackers + abusive behavour + we a friendly lot

Misc stuff: We are getting a 2nd server soon and we are still looking for admins if anyones interested pop into #uknsl

Happy thoughts: Have a great day / week / month / life - Except when being trampled by an onos


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