Ugc Is Hiring Admins!

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Enquire within! :)
Let me introduce myself

I am Strife and I come to represent the UGC (United Gaming Clans). We right now have TFC 2v2, 5v5, 7v7 and 8v8 divisions as well as a CS 5v5 division. We are currently coming to an end to our second season and would like to add Natural Selection to the line-up for our 3rd season. I am currently the 2v2 head admin and the only one out of our admins that plays NS regularly (fools ) The league admin, Reepicheep, has asked me to be the NS head admin for the league.

What does this this have to do with any of you?

Well for one thing we need some admins for the NS division. I have actually e-mailed Flayra about having a role in the process of making this division and would like to invite the dev's and all of you to have a part in creating a NS league ladderto your liking.

Everything right now is in the 'Alpha' stage of creation. In fact, I just informed last night (3/24) about this so i want to get a head start on getting this thing going. As it stands we need quite a few people to get this ladder going. I will answer any questions on the forum the best I can or you can contact me directly (I'll write contact info in a sec)

I would like to hear from anyone interested in being a part of this, but I do have a few requests for people applying.

- Valid e-mail adress
- Basic knowlage of mIRC
- Patience
- Free Time

Some admins we will be looking for:

Ladder admins & co-admins-
Right now i'm thinking of making a 7v7 ladder (a comm & gorge with 6 fighters on each side) and a bigger ladder, somewhere around 12v12. The Head admin and the co-admin of each ladder do essentally the same thing. Schedual matches, handle sign-up's, answer clan questions and all that good stuff. But the Head admin
has the final say in matters

Dispute admins- Unfortunatly disputes are part of league play. Right now im looking for 2 admins that can handle this extreamly unpopular job. Depending on how popular the division becomes I might need more

Ladder predictor- Each ladder needs a 'reporter' to do a weekly synopsis of the matches that are being played this week. He/she is encouaged to use clan history, past matches and any other information they can bering to the table to provide an interesting read. This promotes friendly rivalry amogst the clans.

Admins are expected to have a very good knowlage of NS was well as certain "unsavory" aspects of the game, such as exploits, and client-side cheats

If being an admin isn't right for you and you still want to help you can always suggest a rule or how a certian aspect should be played. UGC values ALL input and asks public opnion on a majority of major league rules/changes.

Once admins have been selected we will begin the process of making the rules of the division. This is why I would like the dev team's input. They know the game better than all of us, so the natural (no joke intended, but still funny) choice would for them to be a part of this creation.

You can in contact with me in many ways:

E-mail: [email protected]
AIM: Eyestabbed or Blightdagger (most of the time im eyestabbed)
mIRC: #ugc, #ugc-tfc both on gamesnet
UGC Website:
UGC Forums:
or you could just post in this thread!

I personally want to make a great NS league and hope that with your help I can achive that goal!!!

-Strife Blightdagger|UGC|

I was trying to decide where to put this topic, either here or the clans forum and I decided to do it here since it's the most viewed thread and i want the whole community to read it. I apoligize if this is the wrong place to put this.

EDIT- i accedently put this in the new player forum


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    I might be interested in being a dispute admin... The last clan I was in all we did was argue, Especially about matches we lost wink.gif

    Ill Email you in a bit
  • Strife_BlightdaggerStrife_Blightdagger Members Join Date: 2003-03-23 Member: 14830Posts: 29

    im at work right now so ill get it at around 4pm when i get home.
  • Spyder_MonkeySpyder_Monkey Vampire-Ninja-Monkey Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor Join Date: 2002-01-24 Member: 8Posts: 2,526
    OMG!! I'd love to do this, but my clan, KIR (Knights of the Immortal Realm) is currently in your TFC 5 vs 5 division...

    But I think I might just have the thing for our NS team to join. smile.gif Awesome job. For those of you don't know, UGC has become my favorite league in virtually 3 months. Admins that actually hold clans accountable to the rules, and an overall professional attitude. smile.gif
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  • tseepratseepra Members Join Date: 2002-12-11 Member: 10530Posts: 842 Advanced user
    Ok, just a few comments, can't be an admin myself because of my schedule.

    A 7 vs 7 ladder looks fine but a 12 vs 12? In a 12 vs 12 clan game, the only thing the aliens would be doing the whole game is respawning, because of their slow respawn rate, and considering marines are stronger in the begginning the aliens would have no chance. This would result in EVERY game ending 2-2 (if it's 2 maps).

    I would suggest making a 8 vs 8 and a 6 vs 6 ladder.
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  • BlackMagicBlackMagic Members Join Date: 2002-12-31 Member: 11666Posts: 85
    Thank god, im not the only one i emailed Strife about that too..what i THINK he means is a 12v12 TEAM in 12 teams? im not sure
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  • BlackMagicBlackMagic Members Join Date: 2002-12-31 Member: 11666Posts: 85
    omg i think i was right in the first email i sent Strife.. lol he probably thinks im a moron or something..first i said 12v12 (24 player) would be extremely hard on a server...and then i thought to my self that he was talking about a 12v12 TEAM ladder (12 teams) now i think i was right in saying it was a 24 player..omg im so confused..there goes my chance of getting admin =p heh..hope not..well ill talk to him on aim/irc when i get home from skewl >.<
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  • TalesinTalesin Our own little well of hate NS1 Playtester, Forum Moderators Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7710Posts: 6,952 mod
    Just sent off a message to that e-mail address... hopefully a bit more info will be forthcoming.

    Er, and Strife.. you do realize that the v1.04 patch currently has a good amount of its balance based on team size? The smaller the team, the more advantage the Aliens have. The larger the team, the greater likelihood of a Marine win. Balance-point lies at 8v8, with 6v6 and 10v10 being roughly the 'playable' break-points in either direction. The economic system will be getting a re-work in v1.1, but until that point team-size remains an important factor in the likely outcome of a match.
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  • Strife_BlightdaggerStrife_Blightdagger Members Join Date: 2003-03-23 Member: 14830Posts: 29
    nice responces!

    yeah i was actually thinking about my 12v12 comment afetr i posted it.

    On refelcetion 12 people on both sides WOULD be to much to handle during a clan match. Hell i dont even think most NS clans HAVE 12 people in them, (Im going to be corrected I know it)
    But this is a good example why we need people to make these decsions. I was just thinking
    of a larger division

    Talesin - I've been reading the forums way before I registerd and I relize your point. I just threw 12v12 out there becasue those are some pretty fun games to play if either team is somewhat organized. But point still taken.

    Blackmagic- Dont worry about it. biggrin.gif

    silent- it's not admining a server, YET. UGC currently 2 servers. 1 for tfc and one for cs. They were donated to us by Powerzones and run pretty well. I might talk Reepicheep into turning one into a NS server. Most UGC admins have server admin priv's anyway

    Spyder- You can admin a division as long as your team isnt directly under you (i.e. your NS 6v6 admin but you can play in 10v10). While im at it, I would like to point out any admins that are in clans that are also UGC admins 100% abide by the rules when in matches. they are a normal player and the power they hold ins't a factor during a match and are not allowed in the dispute process should their clan be in a dispute.
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    This topic was "phazed"?
  • TalesinTalesin Our own little well of hate NS1 Playtester, Forum Moderators Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7710Posts: 6,952 mod
    Phased; moved to the appropriate forum.
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  • boobs!boobs! Old-School Competitor Members Join Date: 2002-11-13 Member: 8504Posts: 781
    hrrrmpppff is this UK or US? cuz i would be willing to do something like admin wise. i run clan ReDemption in CAl and NSA-i we are #redemption on gamesnet and err i like to think Flayra likes us (he hasnt talked to me in a long time sad.gif bummer) i guess im quite a nice fellow and errr kinda good at NS. email me @ [email protected] or stop by the IRC channy and i like 6 vs 6 its is the most fair and even way to play clan matches mon ami.

    gg boobs of [ReD]
    Old school at its finest
  • UGLJonUGLJon Members Join Date: 2002-11-04 Member: 6940Posts: 174
    Jeebus. I never heard of UGC! So we have UGS, UGL, and UGC. How original we all are!
    UGL|Jon | UGL Head NS Admin | [email protected]
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