Teamwarfare Opens Ns Ladder!

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TeamWarfare Opens NS Ladder!
For two years TeamWarfare has been dedicated to providing quality community based ladders. TeamWarfare is now excited to announce the addition of a Natural Selection ladder. What makes our Natural Selection ladder unique? Gameplay is not based on dominating resources or spawn points, but rather the securing of hives. This unique style of play leads to a much more exciting atmosphere, and a more intense competition. You have not truly played Natural Selection until you have played it TeamWarfare style!

The ladder is open for signups now, check it out at!

Questions, comments? I'll do my best to answer them here.
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    While this Ladder seems really interested, I found out about them from the NS Archives site
    Interested, I checked the forums there, and there seems to be some animosity towards the rules of this Ladder.

    The information left from whoever did read the rules is here. Doesn't sound promising.

    You can read the rules here.
    I agree that this is a pretty pathetic attempt at running a Ladder where the person who created these rules is lacking a grasp of the purpose/design of the game.
    Check it out. Odds are you'll agree with me. If not, that's fine - world's full of opinions.
    The basis of winning your round is to control 2 hives. This is probably an alternative to CAL's most resources win. Agreed, if I'm getting my tail beat, and I run out the time, I won't win by resources, but even determining who controls two hives (marine control) is a subjective term.
    Regardless, I can't say I enjoy ladder's too much, and with rules that contradict the basic strategy and gameplay of the game, you're gonna find people not playing to win the round, but playing to lock down hives(not saying you can't win by locking down hives... but if you can't leave the hive, odds are Cal's resource win would give it to the aliens instead of turtled marines.) It will be a turtlefest with little actual fighting.

    If you are the creator of this Ladder, you might wanna do a little more research into a better way to play the game before you go ahead and try this out.
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    Rules have been changed, based on the community input. Please check these again, and give your thoughts. Hope this is more fitting.

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