Two Points Of Marine Strategy

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<div class="IPBDescription">'cause I feel like making a new thread</div> I've been seeing a few things in strategies both posted and ingame in the last little while. I wanted to bring up a couple of things about these strats:

1) If you aren't moving forward, <b><u>you are losing</u></b>

Don't ever be satisfied with simply stalemating with the Kharaa. Their tech tree goes much higher than yours, and if you let them get to the upper rungs, you are toast. The only locations you should ever have an extended battle over are hives. Not the area just outside the hive, but the hive itself. If at any point the Kharaa are able to think "My Hive is fine, I'll just wander around the map chewing on marines." you've lost the biggest battle.

The only exception to this is the 1 RT JP rush. You don't actually need to take any territory in order to pull this one off, but since it happens at the 5 minute mark that's hardly an issue. Other than that, the aliens should constantly be yelling at eachother "Marines headed to the hive, come back and defend!!"

2) Longevity is key

I dont' care if you have Weapon3 and HMGs all round.. unless I'm a completely unupgraded Skulk you're a meatsnack to me. Get those armor upgrades so that you can survive more than one hit. Get that MT so I can't sneak up on you. If you send somebody out with 50 RP worth of gear, and I kill him in 2 bites.. that's not his fault. That is your failure as a commander. Give your marines the longevity they need to get the job done.

This also ties in with moving forward. Much better to have a couple guys in HA with big guns than to waste time setting up a siege cannon. Unless they've got 30 OCs up there, you'll take it out much faster and cheaper with a couple of organized, well equipped marines.


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    A point three, if I may.

    3.) Range is your FRIEND.

    All of the marine weapons have range. The most powerful Kharaa attacks are Melee. Stay away from the aliens and use that knife only as a last resort or to take down buildings that have no defense. Bum-rushing a Fade is a more certain way to die than letting him attempt to acid rocket you to death.
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    Depends on the number of people rushing the Fade... 1 guy rushing won't work unless for some reason the Fade doesn't have Carapace. If you get 2-3 marines to rush a Fade without getting in eachothers way you can bring down a lone Fade easily.
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    Armslab upgrades make for troops that dont loose 1337n355 when killed... that's why I win games.
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