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I am new
I am new and i was wondering where a nice sever to go play one where thay can help me get into the game.
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    Where are you located, Ugly?
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    Download The All Seeing Eye. Then go to play those servers, which are close to your location.

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    i hear this server is pretty newbie friendly

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    Aye, I'm Wilkins from nC guild(still need to ask a forum moderator to get my name changed)

    And we're a decent group of folks. We'll help you out. We do have Cheating-Death installed on our server, but it is an optional, but we'd like you to have it if you plan on playing on our server frequently. You can get it at UnitedAdmins, which is run by our leader, HoundDawg.

    Anyway, hope to see you on the server soon wink.gif
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