Leet Sg Busting Tactics.

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After putting up a thread about Turrets in Gen. Dis., I noticed a lot of people seem to think sentries are basically invincible. I'ld like to come here today to share some of the strategies I employ when making Sentry Guns fall down, go boom.

If you take nothing else from this, at least understand this first point. <u>Always circle strafe turrets</u>. I don't care about th 20 other turrets in the room which will hit you anyway, by circle-strafing that one turret, you make it so that one can't hit you. That's one less SG doing damage to you, and one more bite you can get in before dying.

Secondly, realize that an extra Skulk is worth far more than Carapace 3. Having Carapace may double your longevity, but having that extra set of teeth not only doubles the hitpoints of your group, it doubles it's damage output. So 2 Skulks chewing on a SG is about twice as effective as a single Skulk with Cara 3.

Also, with extra teeth on hand, you have the ability to take advantage of the Sentries autotargeting algorithm. Keep in mind that every time the SG looks for a target, it will begin to track the closest enemy. Use this to your advantage by "distracting" the guns. Have your buddy run around like crazy, simply strafing near the guns while avoiding as much fire as possible. While all the guns are busy either tracking him or switching targets between the two of you as he moves in and out, you are free to chew on whatever expensive peice of equipment the marines carelessly left lying around.

And lastly, a note on handling marines in the sentry field. You're always going to want to take them out first. Marines are far more fragile, and much smarter (usually) than sentries. Luckily for you, when faced with a Skulk most marines start running around jumping like a madman. This works in your favor, as the more they move, the more you have to move to kill them. The more you move, the less you get hit by SGs, the longer you live. If you run into a marines which refuses to give you an excuse to dodge SG bullets, kill him, consequently die from the SGs, and let your teammates overrun the SG field while you respawn.


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    That's some great advice there. In general, you should always try to notice if the turrets are targeting something other than you. You should take advantage of that and freely bite any turrets to death.

    This works for marines to. In a group attack, never engage a marine that has his gun pointed at you. When you close in, the LMG almost acts like a shotgun because of its cone of fire.
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    Good advice. Personally, I try to dodge all the turrets (circling the whole cluster) or only attack an individual turret if it's a single one closing a blindspot.
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    Agree with Scorpion, If its a multiple turret field, not a simply 3 way defense, then its best to pick an area you want to attack the TF from, and circle round a few turrets biting them each. Not only are they harder to track you, but you will sufficiently weaken several turrets, that when finally destroyed, give you free reign over the Turret Factory. But if its a simple 3 turret setup,t hen ill circle one turret till its clear and eat the factory.

    Apart from that, misery loves company, and taking on a turret farm is miserable enough to warrant many skulks.
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    i find running through the area biting anything on the way, then turning and doing it again works wonders in certian situations..
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    and dont forget to setup an offence chamber to kill the remaining turrets after the factory goes down <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    dont forget to take out the PG first or all your fancy footwork is undone for 10 RP
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    There should be one skulks on the look out for phasing marines. It's like IP spawn camping, it shouldn't be too hard unless a turret nabs you.
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    have any of you guys used leap against turrets? i just started, and it works pretty well. two good ones and a turret gos down
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