New 1.1 Patch

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I have been playing NS since it came out, and people always found aliens to be weak, while they always won. This current version is good, I like it. And now they are telling us they will make gameplay better for the aliens, and give them more resources so they can have more gorges?!

The whole point of being skulk is to be stealthy, and ambush. Skulks are hard to hit... Maybe the first version favoured the Marine team a bit, but now it's ridiculous. Once the Aliens have two hives, its pretty much over. By then marines almost never have heavy armor, they may have hmg but it still takes a lot of marines to take them down.

If people have trouble adapting to alien customs, they shoudln't complain to the creators of NS so they can give aliens an edge. If this keeps goin on, aliens will end up with 50 foot claws, and marines will end up with 1 bullet clips and 3 bullets in all, with a knife that marines hold backwards. I say there has been more than enough tweeking. Leave the basic gameplay alone, concentrate on maps and other improvements, the HLTV thing is great, and so is VAC...

Bushido mod web site this is a Feudal Japan mod set to be a realistic sword fighting mod...

.. And thanks for reading asrifle.gifpudgy.gif

P.S. Don't flame me by saying that I have never played aliens, I do play quite often as the aliens, and I find it very easy to take down a marine.
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